Khawateen Kay Imtiyazi Massail

Khawateen Kay Imtiyazi Massail

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  • Publisher:Darussalam Publishers
  • Publish Date:February 08th, 2011
  • Genre:Muslim Women
  • LanguageUrdu
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This book Primary focus is on the following questions:

• What are women’s rights according to Shariah?
• What is their share of inheritance?
• Can they own property or start a business? 
• Does Islam Endorse the women’s right to work and education? 
• What is their social status and share of responsibilities?

Following ‘question and answer style’; the writer has beautifully explained the position of Islam with regards to their right to education, equal status in brought up, specific share in property and many more. The best thing about the book is it being in simple and plain language, which doesn’t require scholarly knowledge to comprehend the subject. Darussalam Publishers has converted this book in digital format and now offers the same content as e-book. Obtain this short but comprehensive booklet today and get the answer to your questions.