The Precious Pearls

The Precious Pearls

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  • Publisher: Darussalam Publishers
  • Publish Date: January 01st, 2006
  • Genre: Biography, History
  • Language English
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The human soul strives to achieve happiness in all its endeavors. Strangely, many people during this pursuit find nothing but disaster and failure. This happens when one is outside of Islamic guidance, and especially happens to individuals who are only following after that proverbial rainbow where they think a barrel of treasure is the answer to their miseries. A great philosopher, named Aristotle, said that happiness is achieved through contemplation of the Divine (Allah) and by leading a disciplined life. What describes Islam better than saying that it is a 'disciplined way of life?' The Companions of Allah's Messenger were perfectly cognizant of this fact. Thus, they sought to please Allah; and in doing so, they achieved not only happiness but material prosperity as well. The Islamic community is one where wealth is shared. Those who have most, share the most; and those in need are looked after. In pleasing Allah, our scales of good deeds pile up and Paradise is our final reward. What better reward and place to work toward than Paradise? Jihad can be an everyday event. The Companions were horsemen by day and spent their evenings in worship. They were people of prayer, fasting, charity, kindness and truthfulness. They were chaste, sincere and pious. They were people who knew self-control of mind, body and temper. They did not go about feeding their lusts. They went about instead feeding the hungry. All of these things are Jihad. When the call for Jihad (meaning war or struggle) was proclaimed, the Companions readily sacrificed everything: their wealth, their lives, and they left their families behind. The fear of death was not an issue, for they knew no better reason or way to die than in fighting to uphold Muslim's rights or Islamic values. And this is the true meaning of the testimony: La ilaha illallah (none has the right to be worshipped but Allah). In return for their loyalty to the cause, Allah bestowed on them true happiness and Paradise. Paradise is the final abode of all pious and sincere believers. There were many Companions who were given the glad tidings of Paradise out of acknowledgment of their virtues and high status. As we follow this book, we will learn about them. And, in doing so, we will learn the way to Paradise.