Aakhri Azaab

Aakhri Azaab

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  • Publisher:Darussalam Publishers
  • Publish Date:January 01st, 2004
  • Genre:Religion
  • LanguageUrdu
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Allah (SWT) has blessed mankind with numerous blessings. Amongst them “wisdom” is vibrant and one cannot deny its importance. It is wisdom through which one can differentiate between good and evil. This is the wisdom that empowers the man to worship his lord to get His bounty and to be called the “Most Superior Creature” on earth.

When one forgets his lord and claims his own divinity then Allah (SWT) gave him apposite chances to withdraw his claim. And if he don’t avail the chance to retreat then Allah (SWT) cleans the earth from his being.

The same has been described in this story of a “Frog” so that our little angels can understand the phenomenon of “Tawhid”.