Golden Supplication For Children

Golden Supplication For Children

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  • Publisher: Darussalam Publishers
  • Publish Date: January 01st, 2012
  • Genre: Children
  • Language English
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What are supplications? Basically they are invocations through which a person can ask his Supreme Lord both in prosperity and adversity. Allah (SWT) commanded His slaves to invoke Him and he will respond to their invocations. If we analyze the daily life of our beloved Prophet (PBUH) we find that he also invoked his Lord. He invoked Him for the successes of this world and of the Hereafter, he took refuge in his Lord from the hardships and he praised and thanked his Lord. Moreover, he commanded and exhorted his Companions to invoke sincerely their Lord and keep good relation with Him through supplicating Him. 
In this book, the author tried to compile only relevant and authentic supplications that are too common and easy to remember in our daily life. One can experience the efficacy of such supplications in his life and achieve the remarkable rewards if he or she recites them regularly.