Islami Adaab-e-Muashrat

Islami Adaab-e-Muashrat

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  • Publisher:Darussalam Publishers
  • Publish Date:April 02nd, 2007
  • Genre:Religion
  • LanguageUrdu
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It is the way and system of religion, Shariah, faith and performing prayer. The strongest and most visible practice of Islamic teachings are seen in an Islamic society.  The greater the reflection of beliefs in the practices of the society,  the bigger are the chances that the society can be molded and made more civilized.

Before advent of Islam, the region of Najd and Hejaz had a prevalence of disbelieving and polytheist society. The society was leading a highly uncivilized way of life. All of the social elements had ignorant practices linked to it. But it was the blessing of faith in oneness that Holy Prophet brought about a social revolution within a short span of 23 years with minimal resources. This Islamic revolution was exactly in accordance with Islamic beliefs.

After fourteen centuries, Islamic society has lost all those values and shape that are prerequisite of Quran and Sunnah. The present day depression, anxiety and lack of peace of mind cannot be achieved until we start practicing the true teachings of Islam.

Darussalam Publishers has recognized this need of Islamic society and taken this noble step to create awareness of true teachings of Islam. It is hoped that Allah accepts this noble act.