Mein Tawbah Krna Chahta Hun Lekin

Mein Tawbah Krna Chahta Hun Lekin

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  • Publisher:Darussalam Publishers
  • Publish Date:March 01st, 2014
  • Genre:Self Help
  • LanguageUrdu
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Human being is weak in nature. This lack of control on his desires makes him commit sins. The solution is to repent and ask Allah for forgiveness never to return to the path of darkness. In this way, Allah forgives his creation. Devil is the enemy of humans. He keeps provoking and tempting humans to commit sins and convinces them to not ask Allah for forgiveness and then comes a time when door of forgiveness closes and the man leaves for the eternal world. This book highlights such tactics that devil practices to lead a person astray and away from righteous path.