The Book of Manners
ISBN: 9789960897196

The Book of Manners

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  • Publisher:Darussalam Publishers
  • Publish Date:May 04th, 2003
  • Genre:Self Help
  • LanguageEnglish
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Islam places great emphasis on manners and on the proper way to deal with others, whether they are Muslims or not. Muhammad PBUH summed up his message by stating: "I have been sent to perfect the best of manners". The aim of 'Book of Manners' is to inculcate good manners in the Muslims such as deliberateness, tolerance, forbearance, generosity, bravery, justice, fairness and kindness. It also highlights some despicable traits like injustice, jealousy, cheating, pride and laziness. This book is part of the "Encyclopedia of Islamic Jurisprudence Concerning Muslim Women" series written by Yusuf Al-Hajj Ahmad. This series addresses those matters of life and religion that are essential in facilitating a woman's role as a mother, teacher and nurturer. Men can also read and benefit from this particular book because the information in this book is relevant to both males and females. It has two very important and distinct qualities: 1. Easy to read, succinct and direct. 2. The 'question and answer' layout of the book is intended to facilitate effortless comprehensibility and swift memorization. It is in view of the 'questions and answers' format that the author has concluded this book to be easy to read and comprehensive, hoping that it will enable the Muslims to be well informed about matters concerning their religion which will in turn strengthen their faith.