For Those who Seek Cure

For Those who Seek Cure

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  • Publisher: Darussalam Publishers
  • Publish Date: January 01st, 2007
  • Genre: Health
  • Language English
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For Those Who Seek a Cure is purely a collection of short stories  revolving around doctors, patients and treatments with key focus on enlightening people to arm themselves with Islamic principles whenever facing any ailment. This book is written by Dr. Muhammad Abdul Rahman Al Arifi, a renowned lecturer and scholar form Saudi Arabia and student of Abdul Aziz ibn Baz.

Looking around the ever devastating societies, books like this one are greatly the need of time for motivating people to make sincere efforts in seeking Allah's Shifa for both their mind and body. Perhaps this is what made the author to think of addressing Islamic perspective of curing the health disorders in the light of Quran and Sunnah.   

Allah commands us to treat the diseases through appropriate medications but also prohibits using anything unlawful. Every disease has a cure but it works only if Allah wills and you need to trust Him fully. This book is jam-packed with influential stories of doctors and their patients for reader's understanding that how he can deal with his illness and can seek for medical assistance corresponding to true Islamic faith. In same scenario, author also illustrated his vast experience along the lines of Noble Quran and guidelines provided by Prophet (PBUH).  

Book is divided into 4 chapters and covers:

� Different stories as motivational examples for believers
� Imperative rights of patients till their recovery  
� Doctors should play their role in hospitals professionally and generously
� Doctors should have Islamic knowledge about disease & its treatment 
� Supplications and gratitude toward Allah is beneficial in treatment 
� Don't question your divine decree & do whatever permissible to  be healthy again  
� Patients should not quit praying and try to follow the acts of worships  
� Etiquettes of visiting the patient