Purify Your Wealth

Purify Your Wealth

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  • Publisher:Darussalam Publishers
  • Publish Date:April 05th, 2005
  • Genre:Islamic Law
  • LanguageEnglish
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Every year so many people are found stressed and confused on paying zakat as they don't have enough knowledge about this obligation and how to execute it. "Purify Your Wealth" is the answer to their doubts and fears.  

Islam is to cleanse everything from your soul to wealth and for this it introduces systematic monetary flow from rich people to the poor in the form of zakat. "Purify Your Wealth" is a guidebook written with sole purpose of spreading true Islamic rulings about zakat, its benefits, why, when & what makes it mandatory for Muslims and to whom it should be paid and the list goes on.

This short piece of writing addresses all Islamic notions related to zakat and wonderfully culminates every misconception about it prevailing in less knowledgeable minds. Zakat is payable on yearly basis and on one's net wealth. Writer did great justice to his pen by using Quranic verses and Prophet (p.b.u.h) practices & sayings coupled with different illustrations and numerical calculations to make the reader clearly understandable about one of the pillars of Islam-Zakat. 
Topics Covered:
• What is Zakat & its benefits?
• How it's calculated?
• Conditions making it obligatory 
• Zakat is Payable on Net Wealth
• Recipients of Zakat
• People Forbidden For Payment of Zakat
• Zakat on Gold, Jewelry & Precious Stones
• Zakat on Cash & Bank Balances
• Zakat on Investments
• Zakat on Real Estate Property & Companies
• Zakat on Life Insurance & Retirement Funds
• Zakat on Business entities/merchandise  
• Zakat on Debt
• Debt of Zakat Payer
• Zakat on Agricultural Land & Products 
• Zakat on Livestock & Cattle
• Sadqat-ul-Fitr