Noor Ul Quran

Noor Ul Quran

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  • Publisher: Darussalam Publishers
  • Publish Date: May 03rd, 2009
  • Genre: Quran
  • Language Urdu
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Some people accept the message of truth but do not follow the path of righteousness. Even if they start walking the path, they leave it after walking a mile. Sometimes they pray, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they fast, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they speak the truth. Other times they lie. They claim to be a Muslim yet they deceive mix water in milk, take interest, bribe, and lie in court after taking oath.

This is a state of extreme sadness and misery and is the biggest issue of our society that is leading to its downfall and demise. This book is an invitation to evaluate this current situation. This book deal with all walks of life an provides guidance through Quranic verses. This book will help you come out of this situation and walk the path of truth. Read it daily and stay determined to apply it in your life. Insha Allah this book will open new doors of opportunities and betterment for you.