Memoirs of Repentant People
ISBN: 9786035002097

Memoirs of Repentant People

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  • Publisher:Darussalam Publishers
  • Publish Date:March 04th, 2012
  • Genre:Religion
  • LanguageEnglish
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Allah loves those who sincerely seek His forgiveness and want to live a life of obedience. This book has detailed and illuminating examples from the lives of our righteous predecessors, and ordinary Muslims, about how they turned to their Lord after going astray. The author of this book is the well-known scholar and lecturer Dr. Muhammad Al Areefi. It is a compilation of the memoirs and feelings of repentant people and those who have fallen into sin. These are confessions of the elderly who spent their youth in frivolity, young men whose lusts overwhelmed them and young women who committed sins. These are their memories of past and almost forgotten events, but have been recorded in the hope that they will benefit others. It is an essential guide to everyone wanting to return to the straight path.