A Cry At The University Kitchen

A Cry At The University Kitchen

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  • Publisher:Darussalam Publishers
  • Publish Date:January 01st, 2013
  • Genre:Muslim Women
  • LanguageEnglish
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We Hear & We Obey. Is What Allah Wants From All Muslim Believers.

Islam came as a guiding light that tamed the brutal nature of man and pointed him to the direction of righteousness and justice. However the religion has not had its detractors and from inception, its followers have had to confront tremendous adversity. The modern Muslim faces trials as he tries to stay true to Islamic roots of modesty, dignity and obviously faith in Allah and His legislations. 

A Cry at the University Kitchen authored by Dr. Muhammad Abdul Rahman El-Erifi is marvelous portrayal of how non-believers are polluting the mind of Muslim and specifically the youth. His story shows how those who have firm belief in Allah and His Religion of Islam cannot be distracted by evil tactics. 

He put pen to paper to illustrate the compelling reasons women benefit from the veil. His writing also explores with documentary evidence the obligation of the veil and how it should be performed. The Hijab is brought up in a friendly discussion of three young girls living in once a peaceful island with true Islamic culture but with media influence and globalization it became revolting. Herein this book, importance of Veil (Hijab) is categorically highlighted. With different social illustrations and resilient evidences from Quran and Sunnah plus statements of authentic scholars the girl named Sarah established the fact that Allah's every command is full of wisdom and so is for women to veil not only body but face as well. Its for their own protection from misfortunes and evil rulings of society. If women robes (Abayah) are not hiding their body and adornments completely, its of no use. 

This short story is also delivering the message of how to preach others and bring them toward righteous path. Moreover, if you are knowledgeable about Islamic teachings then its your moral duty to spread the word no matter where you are, who you are (male/female) and whom you are talking. But women should preach to women and men to men only.      

What this Book Covers? 

-    How enemies of Islam trying to destroy its roots of modesty 
-    How youth is getting infected of erroneous media undertakings
-    How cultural mixing is affecting men and women ethics equally 
-    How people especially women can protect themselves and their children from this nasty war
-    Why veil (Hijab) is Important and what actual commands are linked to it
-    What type of veil or robes (Abayah) should be used by women and young girls
-    To whom women are permissible to show their adornments.
-    How men and women are different in many aspects but are still equal in human rights 
-    How Quran and Sunnah teaches women about veiling herself and not showing their gildings
-    What authentic statements of different scholars strengthen the rulings of veil 
-    Share your knowledge and keep struggling to save people from hellfire